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A few numbers on how impactful content ​creators and social influencers are on ​culture and our economy.

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76% of Marketers

use influencers

eMarketer, 2022

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86% of people

ages 13 to 38

Want to be a social influencer - ​Bloomberg

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$ 7.36 billion

The influencer market as of 2021

$ 70.92 billion

Projected market growth by 2029

- Data Bridge Market Research 2023


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agency noun

agen·​cy ˈā-jən(t)-sē

In social science the word “agency,” is ​the capacity of individuals to have the ​power and resources to fulfill their ​potential.


It began scribbled on a coffee-stained ​napkin, a question bolder than any ​tweet: what if we built an arena, not for ​touchdowns, but for likes and shares? A ​colosseum for the gladiators of the ​digital age, a bootcamp for content ​creators, a launchpad for the next big ​influencer. That, my friends, is AGENCY.

Yes, you heard right. The sport? Social ​media. The prize? Dominating the multi-​billion dollar world of content creation.

Omaha, why shouldn't this digital ​Colosseum rise from your very streets? ​Let's ditch the flyover label and ​become the epicenter for untapped ​talent. Think Bud Crawford, Gabrielle ​Union, Simone Sanders, Omaha natives ​who conquered the world stage. Now ​imagine countless others, fueled by ​AGENCY, their dreams not just ​simmering, but exploding!

This isn't some pie-in-the-sky fantasy. ​This is the cure to the brain drain, the ​rocket fuel for Omaha's future. Are you ​ready to unleash your inner Kardashian, ​your digital Da Vinci?

The 1st of its kind ever, Omaha’s Content ​Coliseum is coming. Join the revolution, ​Omaha. Rise up! AGENCY awaits.


Empowering vibrant digital culture ​creators to spark meaningful change, ​ignite collective action, and discover ​unlimited value within themselves and ​others. Our mission is to redefine the ​digital landscape by fostering creativity ​and building a community that thrives ​on innovation and inclusivity.

we stand on

CENTERED in media…

  • history
  • Journalism
  • Arts
  • Culture
  • Entertainment
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AGENCY: A content creator hub that will be for all of Omaha and beyond. By day, open to the ​community with paid memberships. By evening, AACI (African American Cultural Initiative) engages ​youth in content creation. Being a hub for nonprofits to use, in collaborative support of their ​missions in community growth—a dynamic force for good. Changing Omaha’s brain-drain to being ​the ultimate a talent magnet!


For-Profit Side...

AGENCY, your creative hub, ​connects community creators with ​top-tier resources. Our ​membership tiers, akin to a gym, ​unlock music, podcast, video, and ​dance studios, plus shared ​workspace and more—all at an ​accessible monthly rate. Soon you ​will be able to join the AGENCY ​community at various levels to ​ignite your content journey.

AI render Final building may look different


Non-Profit Side ... ​African American ​Cultural Initiative ​(AACI):

Through the lens of content ​creation, AACI collaborates with ​Omaha Star, Urban League of ​Nebraska, Great Plains Black ​History Museum, and others, ​weaving a seamless tapestry of ​education. We're not just a hub; ​we're the heart of cross-cultural ​learning, engaging youth in the ​vibrant art of content creation ​and seamlessly connecting them ​with enriching organizations.

Ignite Your ​Dream Job ​at AGENCY

No job description, just infinite ​possibilities. AGENCY fuels your creative ​fire, equips you with skills, and launches ​you into your dream career. Start building ​your digital legacy today.

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Number 1

Studio Pass to Your Future

Dive headfirst into creating. AGENCY ​equips you with pro-grade studios – ​stream, podcast, dance, make music – ​endless possibilities. Learn by doing, ​crafting your first viral hit in minutes.

Number 2

Masterclass Your Mindset

AGENCY connects you with seasoned ​creators, their expertise distilled into bite-​sized workshops. Boost your skills, crack ​the online code, and carve your unique ​path to a digital empire. No question is ​out of bounds, and no dream is too big.

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Number 3

Co-Create Your Tribe

AGENCY ignites collaboration. Mentor with ​fellow videographers, pro-podcasters, ​entrepreneurs, and such to bounce ideas off ​diverse minds, and discover hidden talents. ​This is your safe space to experiment, fail ​brilliantly, and rise together as a creative ​force.

Number 4

Influencer Incubator

AGENCY believes in the power of your ​voice. We help you understand the ​business of influence, navigate ​partnerships, and turn passion into thriving ​careers. Become the next social media ​supernova, your dreams backed by expert ​guidance.

Join the ​Support

We have spoken with diverse non-​profits, we discovered a common ​need for content creator resources. In ​a collective realization, they ​acknowledged the inefficiency of ​separate content creator spaces. ​United in service to the community, ​they embraced the concept of ​AGENCY, a shared centralized hub, ​strengthening collaboration for a ​greater impact for the people the ​serve.

Join the movement.

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Fund the work.

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we ensure that all historical and cultural content is accurate and respectful.

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is placed high in our values, striving to represent and include diverse perspectives and voices in all our content and programming.

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we believe in working to promote understanding and appreciation of history, arts, entertainment, culture, and journalism through programs and content.


we believe in innovative and imaginative approaches to storytelling and content creation.


holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards in our work and decision-making.

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we ensure that all historical and cultural content is accurate and respectful.

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the end of

"brain drain"

*Surveys show that many youth feel like the ​have to leave for Los Angeles, New York, ​Atlanta or some place to reach their full ​creative potential. By harnessing the power ​of the world's greatest shared activity in all ​of history, social media, AGENCY will build a ​state-of-the-art recreation center for ​content creators in Omaha. This will disrupt ​the global market for two of our greatest ​issues, talent innovation, and talent ​retention. It will directly infuse our local ​market with innovation, retain talent, and ​provide our youth with the resources and ​opportunities to collaborate with other ​talented artists. The center will also ​promote local creativity, attract attention ​and investment. Imagine a place where the ​next Preston Love, John Beasley, Cathy ​Hughes or Gabrielle Union, or someone ​even bigger is born.

It's time to bring creative energy to ​Omaha and let our youth shine!

While providing our youth with access to ​creative resources and opportunities, we ​will also fuel the job market, ​entrepreneurship, and the local economy. By ​keeping our talent at home and attracting ​other latent from outside of Omaha, we will ​build a creative workforce that will also ​ignite our local industries and bring us ​national attention. Omaha will become a ​hub of creativity and innovation.

*2017 the Omaha Chamber of Commerce, 2018 ​Gallup-Sharecare Well-Being Index

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how to support

a truer America

a vivid vision of our best selves.

Our nonprofit side is dedicated to investing in Creators with the tools, resources, and ​support they need to unleash their creative potential, tell diverse stories, inspire ​change, and shape the world for the better. We believe that Social Influencers are the ​driving force behind innovation, culture, and progress, and we are committed to ​fostering a vibrant and inclusive community of folks who are united by their passion for ​storytelling and their dedication to making a positive impact on the world.

We invite you to join us in our mission to promote and preserve the rich history, ​journalism, arts, culture, and entertainment that make our world so unique and special.

Thank you for your interest in our nonprofit organization, AGENCY!

what good

can it bring?

a few outcomes.

  • Culture
  • Heritage
  • Music
  • Art
  • Education
  • Journalism
  • Video
  • Dance
  • Innovation
  • Critical thinking
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Generational gaps
  • Pride
  • Purpose
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meet our team

Jason R. Fischer

Chief Executive Officer / Co-Founder

All we can do is open a window into the gifts and accomplishments of Chief Executive Officer, Jason Fischer, and then allow his work to speak for itself. He is the founder of the Surreal Media Lab; an award-winning filmmaker; a graphic artist; master photographer; and entrepreneur. Creative, artistic, insightful, influencer, brilliant, and the list goes on. He is our leader.

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Ben Gray


For almost forty years Ben Gray served Omaha as a cutting-edge journalist and truth teller. As producer and star of the longest-running public service program in Nebraska history, he told the stories that moved a city. A member of countless civic boards and commissions, and twelve years on the Omaha City Council, he has been a master of relationship building and seeking consensus to build genuine progress for the future.

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Steve Martin

Director of Planning and Partnerships

Former CEO Emeritus of Blue Cross and ​Blue Shield of Nebraska and Managing ​Partner at Paxton Advisors, Steve's ​expertise extends from healthcare to ​education. His strategic insights have left a ​profound mark on organizations like Prime ​Therapeutics, Travel and Transport Inc., ​and Wellframe, Inc. Steve's commitment to ​community growth is evident. His ​dedication to elevating communities aligns ​seamlessly with AGENCY's mission, making ​him a pivotal force in shaping our strategic ​partnerships and fostering collaborative ​growth.

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Feel free to email us at

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